Glare (Royal Opera House, Covent Garden)

Ingram shows yet again why her star is rising fast.

Mark Valencia, What’s On Stage

Sky Ingram, in a flawless performance, copes with long, stratospheric lines of vocal writing, while subtly portraying the cool manner of Lea.

Mark Pullinger, Bachtrack

The Wreckers (Bard SummerScape, New York, USA)

… soprano Sky Ingram, as Avis, appeared perfectly cast and able to inhabit her role with equal dramatic and vocal persuasion.

Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, The New York Times

Soprano Sky Ingram, however, stole the show in her scenes as Avis; despite having what should have been an unsympathetic role, she used her voice, both dramatically and musically, to draw the audience in--and reel them in she did.

Richard Sasanow, BroadwayWorld

The cast was robust and persuasive, with a particularly juicy, fiery turn by Ingram as the horridly jealous Avis.

David Cote, TimeOut New York

Sky Ingram, as Avis, the flame-haired, jealousy-driven lighthousekeeper's daughter, has a bright soprano, and she fielded the lyric passages she's given beautifully and the more tonally complex passages with equal skill.


Third Floor Republic

Orpheus (Royal Opera House, Covent Garden)

Standing out from the rest of the cast for me were Sky Ingram’s sexy, self-aware Venus…

Mark Berry, Seen and Heard International

As Venus, Sky Ingram was feisty and sexy… Ingram managed to convey Venus’s genuine sadness as well as her indignant haughtiness and roguish self-confidence, moderating the colour of her soprano even within extended vocal phrases.


Claire Seymour, Opera Today

Character turns from fashion-model-esque Sky Ingram’s spiteful Venus.

David Nice, The Arts Desk

In the comic scenes, Sky Ingram as Venus was the clear winner. With a mane of red hair and long legs, she was the visual image of a screen goddess and vamped it up something rotten.

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

Rusalka (Valladollid, Spain)

Como siempre, tambien milagrosa la presencia de unos cantantes actores mas que solventes. Sky Ingram en un rol dificilisimo estuvo magnifica, tanto en la fuerza de los agudos como en los pianos y medis voz.


As usual, also the presence of some more than reliable singer-actors was miraculous. Sky Ingram was magnificent in such a fiendishly difficult role, both in the power of her high register as in her piano and mezza-voce singing.

Fernando Herrero, EL NORTE DE CASTILLA

La Bohème (English Touring Opera)

… the standout is Sky Ingram as Musetta, a strutting, sexy soprano with a heart of gold

Gary Naylor, Broadway World

Sky Ingram got her Musetta off to a flying start, and gave a fabulous performance which explored the full range of Puccini’s vixen temptress. Her soprano clean and appealing, Ingram’s acting was an especial delight, making Musetta coquettishly prim at times, fabulously angry at others, always confident and sensually charged.

Charlotte Valori, Bachtrack

Sky Ingram’s characterful Musetta duly stole the second-act show

Mark Berry, Boulezian

A healthy dash of colour was added by the sensational Sky Ingram, as the siren Musetta. Her blazing red hair was matched by a dazzling scarlet dress.
Singing ravishingly of her allure on other men (Quando me’n vo), she grabbed the attention not only of a jealous Marcello (Grant Doyle), but of an enraptured audience as well.

Gavin Engelbrecht, The Northern Echo

Glare has excellent performances throughout the cast. Ingram’s innocent portrayal of Lea is perfect, both vocally and on stage (and not just because her android self is meant to be).

Mary Grace Nguyen, LDN Card

La Bohème (Opera North)

The star of the show was undoubtedly Sky Ingram in her role of Musetta, Marcello’s flirtatious and temperamental love interest, who was the very definition of bohemian passion.

Anastasia Kennedy, The State of the Arts

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Opera North)

As for Sky Ingram, whom I first encountered in a Guildhall performance of this same opera while she was a student, the role of Helena is probably hers now for as long as she wants it

Mark Valencia, Whats on Stage

The four lovers form an excellent team, with enormous promise in the performances of Sky Ingram and Kathryn Rudge.

Ron Simpson, Whats On Stage

Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor

"Sky Ingram's Frau Fluth had the highest profile, and Ingram went for it with a will, her full-on comic acting and extravagant athleticism not getting in the way of her big, characterful soprano and some agile coloratura."

Peter Reed, Opera

"The star of the show, and by an immense margin, was the Frau Fluth of Sky Ingram, a tall, sexy Australian with a figure that enabled her to strip plausibly to minimal dominatrix gear, and a voice which could do anything Nicolai wanted, which in Frau Fluth’s case is a great deal. Surely she will appear with a major company as soon as she graduates."

Michael Tanner, The Spectator, UK

"Sky Ingram, in the star role of Frau Fluth (Mistress Ford), has a compelling stage presence, great looks and a versatile soprano voice."

Fiona Maddocks, The Observer

"One of the other pleasures was Sky Ingram as a statuesque, titian-haired Frau Fluth; she was lovely throughout, and everything she did – including her on-going hoovering and dusting during the interval – oozed sex-appeal. Ms Ingram will go far."

Jim Pritchard, Seen and Heard International

Dominicains Somptueuses Noces

"Parmi les quatre solistes, on aura particulièrement apprécié la prestation de la soprano Sky Ingram, bien entourée par la mezzo Katie Grosset, le ténor Edward Lee et la basse Deorgios Papaefstratiou. Quatre solistes collant eux aussi à l’esprit de la musique."

Jean-Marie Schreiber,

No limits for Sky

"... Her talents have been widely recognised by critics and through scholarships, competitions and awards. In 2006 she was named the Australian MBS Young Performer of the Year, winning a $10,000 scholarship. She has been named as an upcoming young talent in the first edition of Who's Who in South Australia, and Who's Who of Australian Women."

Story by David Ellis

Sunday Spectrum, Artspace, Adelaide Festival Centre

"... The find, though, was soprano Sky Ingram in the second concert. What a gorgeous voice and engaging, vivacious stage presence this young lady possesses... one cannot but conclude that this talented young singer is destined for illustrious things."

Reviewed by Graham Strahle

Photo: Tristram Kenton
Sky Ingram - soprano